Aga is a fine artist and illustrator based in North Somerset, United Kingdom. Dedicating herself to botanical and architectonical illustrations for the past few years Aga has created a unique and extremaly high detailed recognisable style. She specializes in traditional ink drawings, colourfull raster illustrations made by ipad and Procreate and vector graphics drawn directly by ipad and Adobe Illustrator Draw.
That combination gives her a flexability and brings her visions to life.

Aga specializes in the style of old engravings, dotwork (pointillism - graphics composed of dots), she is in love with traditional bookbinding and plants photography. She uses hatching technique, using black or brown ink, a lot of lines and dots and hundreds of hours....
Aga draws since she remembers. One of her first memories was drawing her socks on her feet when she was 3 years old and painting the walls... 
She is endlessly fascinated by old engraving style of Albrecht Durer but also Hokusai Katsushika and Alphonse Mucha.  In 2018 she moved to United Kindom, North Somerset, she continues to specialise in plants and architecture, specifically England landscapes, sea monsters and old buildings.
Aga is represented by Heart of the Tribe Gallery from Glastongury, UK.
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>> Interview for Heart of the Tribe Gallery by Vicki Steward

2020/August:  Heart of the Tribe, group exhibition, Glastonbury, UK
2019/July:   Parallax Art Fair, London, UK
2018:     Honorable mention in the "Inspired by Japan VIII" competition for the vector graphic "Winter Theater"
M: 0 778 3928062
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